Smart rewards marketing platform

Driving loyalty, delivering sales
PayReverse works as a rewards funnel,
which connects sellers (FMCG manufacturers, online & offline retailers) with digital audience owners
(mobile operators, banks, media, etc).

Technically it is integrated into the audience owners' digital platforms (apps, websites) as a loyalty provider in a white-label format.
Get revenue from every purchase made by your customers
Increase brand loyalty by providing your customers with reward opportunities
Get more insights about your audience by collecting information about their shopping habits and preferences
Higher ARPU
New customers
Attract new customers and re-engage lapsed ones
Higher AOV & frequency
Use smart cross-sell mechanics to increase average order value
Brand value
Push up sales in a non-toxic way by giving fully personalized rewards instead of communicating "beautiful words" or useless add-ons
Digital audience owners

Unique UX for end users

PayReverse notification engine provides users with information on rewards opportunity every time they searches for goods or services. In any browser, both desktop and mobile.
Top reward providers
Some of the top global online merchants available in PayReverse's partners portfolio.
Mobile operator of the Russian
biggest bank (Sberbank)
Digital platform of a leading
Russian TV channel (TNT)
#3 mobile operator in Russia
(part of VEON)
White-label cashback service with unique UX features, based on rewards from
FMCG manufacturers, online & offline merchants
Launched in 2019
Launched in 2018
White-label cashback service with unique UX features, based on rewards from
online merchants
Launched in 2020
Launched in 2021
Will be launched in 2022
Real-time acting advertising inventory with AI-based targeting
Customer accounting module with the ability to withdraw bonuses to external customer accounts
B2B SaaS for creating and managing loyalty programs with tools for maintaining user profiles and personalizing offers based on accumulated data and AI

Easy to start

PayReverse will provide you with everything necessary to launch a rewards program for your audience in
60 days at 0 CAPEX.
Integration Kit
SDK, backend, API and customizable Browser Extension.
Engagement Guide
Best practices of customer engagement providing best conversions and revenue.
Technical Support
Line 2 technical support to ensure perfect customer service.
We'll be happy to make a demo for you and discuss opportunities we can enjoy together.
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